River Wissey Lovell Fuller

The Rector's Letter

February 2001

Activities for all the family produced by Gill Ambrose for our diocese

Dear friends,

Today we remember how Joseph and Mary took baby Jesus to say thank you to God in the Temple in Jerusalem. There they met two old people, Simeon and Hannah. They both saw the baby and said thank you to God for him too. Simeon said that Jesus was like a light to reveal God's will to the Gentiles. You can find his special prayer and the whole story in the Bible, in St Luke's Gospel, chapter 2, verses 22 - 40.

There is one tradition which suggests that a few figures from the Christmas Crib can be left up after the rest are put away on 6th January, as a reminder of Jesus' childhood. People also light candles on this day to remind them of Simeon's words about Jesus being a light.

Wrap up the last few crib figures and put them away carefully with the rest. Put as many candles as you can find in the place where the crib was and use a few bricks or stones to build a little wall around the candles to remind you of the Temple. Take it in turns to light them (you can use one of the candles to light all the others with) until they are all lit. Turn the lights out and see how the light from the candles shines out over the wall and can be seen in the whole room. Remember that Jesus' love fills the whole world and can reach everywhere, just like the candle light from inside the wall. Perhaps a grown-up or an older child can read Simeon's special prayer from St Luke's Gospel. It is very beautiful.

It's good to make a tradition of getting in touch with grandparents, if you have them, today. If not, perhaps thinking of Simeon and Anna could be a reminder to go and visit an elderly neighbour or friend.

Now, Lord, you have kept your promise, And you may let your servant go in peace. With my own eyes I have seen your salvation, which you have prepared in the sight of all peoples: A light to reveal your will to the Gentiles And bring glory to your people Israel. Luke 2.29-32

Nunc Dimittis is Latin and means Now go

Whitington - The Webb Ivory profit this year for Whitington Church funds is £191.16. Thank you to everyone who ordered from the catalogues, people who obtained further orders from friends and work colleagues, and thank you to customers for their patience as orders seemed to take so long to arrive this year. However with nearly £200 for church funds it does seem to be worth the hassle!

Revd Nigel Tuffnell

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