War Memorial Gary Trouton

Re: January Village Pump Soap Box

February 2001

Response to an article on bull-bars

Hawthorne Lodge, Bridge Road, Stoke Ferry

Dear Ray,

I fully endorse Ron Watts' remarks in January's pump that bull-bars on cars should be banned. In a time when cars are being designed to minimise the injuries suffered on impact, it is a retrograde and totally thoughtless action.

The only purpose that I can see for adding these bars to a car is from a status symbol viewpoint. There is no practical purpose, and if the car owner, in his view, is doing it from an aesthetic standpoint, then, beauty being in the eye of the beholder, he ought to book an appointment with his optician very quickly.

However, the most worrying thing to my mind to emerge from Ron's letter is that the government do suppor6t the abolition of bull-bars but are unable to proceed with the necessary legislation until it is agreed in Europe. Is the UK after all just another state of the EEC now, or is that another Soap Box topic for discussion?

Graham Forster

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