River Wissey Lovell Fuller

My mark

February 2001

An ambitious poem

I want to make my mark upon this world,For future generations to see.Nothing need be fancy,I don't need to rule,But all I want is to leave my mark,upon this world.

I don't want to be a politician,That's nowt but sleaze.And to be an Athlete,Wouldn't be my ambition.

I don't want to be a sailor,Sailing on the sea.And if I were a soldier,Someone might kill me.

I'm not an artist,Although it would be nice.And if you like this,I might be a poet.

A pop star is boring,In and out like that!And to want to be a film star,I would be a prat!

A scientist is not for me,That's not how my brain works.And if I were a writer,My books might be dull.

I've always loved animals,But I couldn't be a vet.But maybe I could learn about them in the wild,Not as pets.

I will work and study hard,And maybe just maybe,I'll live in a far country,And learn about elephants.

I'll learn about those great land beasts,That I know so well,Look out elephants,For your secrets I will tell!

Elinor Tuffnell (11)

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