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Minutes of the Stoke Ferry Parish Council Meeting

February 2001

Held on the 16th November 2000 at 7.30pm

PRESENT Vice Chairman (Mr. Mycock, who took the chair), Mrs. Lewis and Messrs Ward, Paterson, Bonnett and Kirchen, plus eight members of the public.

APOLOGIES Mr. White (Chairman) and Mr. Jagger.

MINUTES read and signed as a true record.


1. Gravel at Buckenham Drive still not removed.

2. Village sign. Decided it was not worth trying to repair. Quotes to be obtained for new one.

3. Sway still not attended to at The Dell.

4. Broken path outside F. Parker. Highways had informed the clerk that until agreement had been reached between the Borough Council and Favor Parker the work could not be carried out.


There were two candidates: Mandy Leamon and Mr C.Stocking.

A vote was taken, the result being three to two in favour of Mandy Leamon.


1. Cornford, High St. New window. Agreed by Borough Council.

2. Brooks, Buckenham Drive. Extension. Agreed by Borough Council.

3. Stoloff, Buckenham Drive. Dwelling. Deferred by Borough Council.

4. Favor Parker. Amended Logo. Approved by Parish Council.

5. Bowers, Methwold Rd. Bungalow. Amended. Approved by Parish Council,


1. Mayor's Award Scheme. Noted.

2. Check list of repairs carried out by E.Elect.

3. Sgt.M.Murphy responsible for Stoke Ferry.

4. Request for permission for addition to vase in cemetery (L.Phelps).

5. Favor Parker welcomed Mr. Paterson to L.Committee.

6. H/Ways acknowledge all problems reported and will investigate.

7. Parish of Mulbarton requested support to prevent Travelers parking on parish land. Agreed to write to Chief Constable.

8. Bridge Strengthening. Work to last 5 months. Road closed for six weeks in January.

9. Mr. & Mrs. Mendoza requested financial help in order to start up Home Watch in the village.

10. Solicitor Jane Curtis taking over from Dawn Andrews, re legal matters for S.F.


1. Solicitor to be asked to hurry matters along re cemetery.

2. P.Council agreed to refund Mr. Mendoza £40, and he offered to try and extend the Home Watch scheme through the village.

3. It was decided to terminate the agreement with the Misses Allison re cleaning in the village.

4. To suggest to Highways that they repaired the culvert near bridge while work there going on.

5. Path at both entrances to Favor Parker now broken. -

6. Black/white posts in Furlong Rd, from cemetery down to by-pass smashed down by heavy traffic.

7. Car abandoned in cul-de-sac, Buckenham Drive.

8. Telephone box vandalised, glass broken.

9. It was prop. Mr.Bonnett, 2nd Mr. Ward that the old village seat be removed and replaced by new. Mr. Stocking offered to quote for a metal one.

Meeting ended 8.50. NEXT MEETING 18th JANUARY AT 7.30.P.M.

Public reported rubbish at Manor Rd, road sign at Maltese House not cleared.

Mrs. Henderson, "Voice of the Village" requested a litterbin for post office. Chairman pointed out that it was the responsibility of the proprietor.

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