River Wissey Lovell Fuller

Terence Frederick Cosy

January 2001

Andrew Cosy is looking for his 60-year old father

My cousin, Andrew Cosy, who used to live in King's Lynn is looking for his father. He has not had any contact with him since he was one year old. He was taken by his mother to live in Lowestoft. His mother refused his father any access at all. Andrew is now 37 years old and desperately wants to find his father.

He knows his father is called Terence Frederick Cosy and is called Terry for short. He married Andrew's mother, Violet Lucas, in or around 1960. The marriage only lasted 2 years.

Terence's parents lived in Hilgay; he also has a brother and a sister. Terence thinks that they lived in Hilgay in the early 1960s. Terry would now be about 60 years old and was known to be friendly with Andrew's uncle Kenneth Lucas who lives in South Lynn.

Andrew would love to find his father or any of his family. Can you help?

Anyone who has any information on Terry Cosy or Andrew's brother and sister, please contact me on 01366 501418 (after 5 pm).

Sue Simper

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