Wretton Parish Council July 2017 meeting

Present– Cllr David Llewellyn – Chairman, Cllr Martin Cann, Cllr Mick Peake, Cllr Mandy Peake, Cllr Bill Whitmore, Cllr J Wyett.
Borough Councillor Colin Sampson
County Councillor Martin Storey present for latter part of the meeting
6 members of the public
No Apologies for Absence received
No Declarations of Interest made
The Minutes of the meetings held on 08.05.17 and 08.06.17 were agreed as a true record.
Matters Arising from previous meetings
 Transparency Grant
The Parish Council has been awarded a grant of £1255 to purchase a laptop, software, scanner etc. to enable the Parish Council to meet the regulations of the Transparency Code.
 White Gates
40mph roundels have been requested for the white gates that have been installed on the West Dereham Road but no communication has been received from Highways regarding this so far. Signs in Fen Road are also in need of replacing.
 Street Name Plate Signs
Cllr Sampson suggested a list of missing street name signs (provided by the Borough Council) be passed to him so he can investigate replacement.
Highway concerns were raised concerning pot holes still not being repaired in Fen Road (half have had work) and that grass is not being cut at the corner of All Saints which is a causing problems with visibility. There is an ongoing issue regarding whether this area is cut by the Borough Council or Norfolk County Council. The Parish Council would like a definitive answer on this and Councillor Sampson will endeavour to locate a map indicating which body has responsibility for cutting the area concerned.
5.1 Chairman’s Report
The Chairman had nothing to report other than in relation to items already on the agenda.
5.2 Clerk’s Report
Correspondence received is generally passed to Councillors electronically and has included:
 Notification that the Highways Rangers will be visiting the parish w/b 24th July. Several requests have been passed to them for work to be undertaken.
 An electoral review of Kings Lynn and West Norfolk warding
arrangements is being undertaken and comments are being sought.
However it is expected that there will be no changes to the local ward
and therefore the Parish Council had no comment to make.
 The grounds maintenance contractors are to arrange to obtain extra
keys for the play area gate to replace those mislaid.
 Notification has been sent of Norfolk County Councils 2018 Parish
Partnership Scheme
 It was noted the Council should request a letter of engagement from
the Internal Auditor. This is good practise and something the External
Auditor has been requesting from Councils this year.
5.3 Risk Assessment
No matters raised.
6. Accounts were presented and accepted for payment.
Cheques for approval of payment
SJ Scarrott £118.44
K & M Lighting £35.04
CGM £118.44
It was also agreed Soundwave marketing would be paid £72.00 once the
invoice is received.
Financial position @ 03.07.17
Community Account Balance £5430.91
Business Savings £3451.53
It was agreed by all that £1600 received back from the Norfolk County Council
Parish Partnership Scheme towards the cost of the SAM2 vehicle activated
sign would be transferred from the current account to the Business Savings
Account. It was noted the £1255 Transparency Grant is held in the
Community Account.
6.1 Purchase of dog waste bin
It was agreed by all that a new dog waste bin would be purchased once
permission has been obtained to site a bin near the footpath sign at the end of
Lydia’s Lane.
7. Risk Management Plan
The Risk Management Plan was reviewed and accepted as presented.
Consideration will be given as to whether or not the Parish Council should
register with the Information Commissioner as a data controller. Previously a
policy that registration will not be undertaken has been adopted but the
possible necessity to register will be re-visited and action taken if it is now
felt registration should be undertaken.
8. Village Projects
It was agreed that the suggested projects of fitting a defibrillator in the
village phone box and/or using the phone box as an information kiosk and
that of managing the ‘pond’ area on Wretton Green should be looked at as
village projects and proper plans need to be put in place.
Funds thought to be in the region of £1000 would be needed to purchase and
install a defibrillator in the phone box. Bill Whitmore will consider acting as
Project Manager for this initiative and further discussion will take place at the
next meeting. Consideration will also be given to re-painting the phone box.
The ‘pond’ or Wretton Wildlife Area as designated by the Parish Council will
be looked at with the view to removal of the trees and options will be sought
for either total removal in one clearance or phased removal. A timed and
costed plan is needed to manage the trees but to maintain the area as a
wildlife area. The popular suggestion is to remove the current trees and
replace with native hardwoods and a draft proposal will be made at the
September meeting of the Parish Council. Residents of the parish will be kept
informed of the plans and will be consulted regarding the options offered.
9. Consideration of planning applications received
9.1 17/02103/F rear extension to dwelling Chequers, Chequers Road, Wretton
Interest declared by Chairman.
Mick Peake took no part in this item.
Proposal supported as development was thought to enhance the building.
10. Date of next Parish Council meeting
It was agreed by all that the next Parish Council meeting will be set back one
week and will take place on September 11th 2017.
11. Further Report
 The ‘No Parking’ signs on Wretton Green are in need of replacement. It
was agreed new signs would be purchased up to a cost of £50.
 It was noted the Wretton Facebook page is not administered by the
Parish Council.
 West Dereham Road was reported as having flooded recently and it
was felt the roadside grupps need to be cleaned out. Verges are
encroaching on to the road which narrows the road.
 It was noted that former Parish Councillor Nigel Pilgrim has died. A sad
loss to the Parish.
 Councillor Storey advocated the benefits of Councillors attending training stating
that the planning training organised by the Borough Council is well worth going
 Recent odour thought to be emanating from Wissington Sugar Plant is reported
to be possibly from clearing out of the on-site lagoons but a consultant has been
engaged to locate the source of the smell.
 Norfolk County Council is to suffer more cuts as there is a need to save much
more money in the forthcoming years.
 Pot hole reported at the top of Field Lane where it joins the bypass.
Chairman’s Signature……………………………………… Date……………

Wretton Parish Council March

Present– Cllr David Llewellyn – Chairman, Cllr Martin Cann, Cllr Mick Peake, Cllr Mandy Peake, Cllr John Wyett, Cllr Bill Whitmore.
Norfolk County Councillor Martin Storey
3 members of the public
Apologies for Absence received;
Cllr Ian Mack
Borough Councillor Colin Sampson
No Declarations of Interest made
The Minutes of the meetings held on 23.01.17 were agreed as a true record.
Matters Arising from previous meetings
 SAM2 signs
The SAM2 sign purchased with 50% funding from Norfolk County Council (NCC) Parish Partnership Scheme is to be positioned as soon as possible.
 HGV signs
HGV signs for Wretton Row have been paid for and are to be erected by NCC.
 Footpath RB7 is programmed to be cut by NCC in the new financial year.
 A firm proposal is needed regarding what should be done with the trees around the ‘pond’ area on Wretton Green. Costs to remove the trees will be researched and this matter will be agenda item for the Annual Parish Meeting to be held on May 8th.
 It was noted the area adjacent to Field Lane has been made secure to keep dogs from running loose onto the lane.
 NCC Highways have been made aware of pot holes reported at the last Parish Council.

5.1 Chairman’s Report
Cllr Wyett was thanked for the work he has undertaken to repair the fencing and bins at the Play Area.
5.2 Clerk’s Report
An application has been made to the National Association of Local Councils Transparency Code.
All that needs to be undertaken regarding Pension Auto Enrolment is completed to date.
5.3 Risk Assessment
It was noted the work identified on the Annual Play Equipment Report has been undertaken.
Accounts were presented and accepted for payment.
Cheques for approval of payment
SJ Scarrott salary £118.44
K & M Lighting £35.04
HMRC PAYE £44.40
Financial position @ 28.02.17
Community Account Balance £4496.55
Business Saver Account £3451.53
7. Correspondence
Correspondence received is passed to Councillors electronically.
A request has been received for a picnic to be held on Wretton Green in
August. The Parish Council is supportive of this.
8. No planning applications received for consideration
9. Defibrillator for the phone box
Funding for a defibrillator would be upwards of £1400 plus cost of installation.
The Parish Council has not budgeted for this possible project and thus money
would need to be found through fund raising. This project could be discussed
at the Annual Parish Meeting and it was suggested the meeting should be
publicised to encourage attendance. A leaflet drop will be undertaken in the
parish before the meeting on May 8th @ 7pm (to be followed by the Annual
Parish Council Meeting at 7.30pm).
It is planned the phone box will be re-painted once the weather is suitable.
 It was noted flooding is occurring in places along the road where surface run off
has nowhere to drain.
 A brief outline of what the Jane Forby Charity does was given by the Chairman of
the Trustees of the Charity.
 It was confirmed the Parish Council has donated £5000 to the Church towards
the improvements to the access of the Churchyard. It was noted that some find
it difficult to traverse the new gravel path leading up to the Church.