West Dereham Parish Council Meeting December

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Linda Arthur
Clerk to West Dereham Parish Council
Email: clerk@westderehamparishcouncil.uk
Tel: 07391 101835
Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting
DATE: Thursday 3rd December 2020
TIME: 7:00pm
PLACE: Virtual Meeting using Zoom
PRESENT: Lorraine Hunt (Chair), Nick Drew, Stuart Glover, Keith Gore, Susan Pepper (Councillors)
Linda Arthur (Clerk)
Andy Challen (Chair Village Hall Management Committee)
1. To Receive Apologies for Absence
Apologies were received from Nick Glover (due to ill health).
2. To receive declarations of interest on agenda items
There were none
3. Notice regarding use of social media, audio recording of Parish Council meeting and invitation for public contribution
LH asked if anyone present would be filming, recording, blogging or tweeting during the meeting. There was no response from the members of the public on-line. LH noted that the meeting is audio recorded to assist the Parish Clerk in the writing of the minutes.
4. To approve the minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 5th December 2020
The minutes had previously been circulated. An amendment was made to item 12 paragraph 3, to add “arranged by local residents”. The amended version was unanimously agreed by the Council. LH as Chair will sign the minutes at the earliest opportunity.
5. To report progress on items not on the agenda from the last meeting (Clerk’s report)
5.1 Highway and Footpath defects
LA reported that she had been asked to report and follow up six different highways and footpath defects, all of which had been reported to Highways department. Highways have agreed to make reparations on all reported defects.
LH confirmed that Highways had attended and markings had been made to indicate where works were required.
5.2 Additional Signage- A134 at Lime Kiln Road and Bath Road Junctions.
LA reported that she had completed the application to the Parish Partnership fund for two new signs. The amount of the grant applied for is £770, being 50% of the total cost of the signs. There was a discussion about the nature, wording, location and number of signs required. It was agreed that two
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Linda Arthur
Clerk to West Dereham Parish Council
Email: clerk@westderehamparishcouncil.uk
Tel: 07391 101835
signs were required on the A134 indicating that routes along Bath Road and Lime Kiln Road are not suitable for HGVs. These to be placed on the A134 a distance before the entrance to these roads, to warn HGVs before they may turn. LH asked LA to contact Cllr Long and ask for 50% funding for the project, to eliminate any cost to the PC. LA agreed to contact the Parish Partnership and revise the precise nature of the signs required, as well as the funding source for the remaining 50% cost of the signs, once confirmation has been obtained from Cllr Long. LA requested for one of the Parish Councillors to send a map showing the precise location that is needed for the signs, so that Highways and the Parish Partnership can be informed, which was agreed.
5.3 Barclays Bank
LA reminded the PC that she was still unable to obtain bank statements from Barclays Bank. These are needed to provide the PC with financial reports at the PC meetings. Although LA had completed a mandate form, this had to be agreed and minuted before it could be signed and sent to Barclays.
5.4 External Audit
LA reported that she had completed the statutory requirements for the external audit by PKF Littlejohn.
5.5 Free Visors from Norfolk ALC
LA reported that she had arranged for 200 free visors to be delivered, for distribution to the village hall and other organisations around the parish. ND had offered to have them delivered to his premises for distribution.
5.6 Accessibility
LA reminded the PC that legislation had been introduced in September 2020 to make all documents and the PC website fully accessible. LA is currently altering all PC documents and policies to accessible format, as they become eligible for review.
5.7 Councillor Training
LA had received a request from SP for Councillor training. LA informed the PC that the cost of the two-day remote course was £40, which could be taken from this year’s training budget.
6. Reports
6.1 Chair’s Report.
LH advised the PC that she had received and accepted Tom Foy’s resignation as Parish Councillor and Vice-Chair. LH thanked TF for his contribution over the years that he had served the Parish Council. LH asked LA to start the process of recruiting a new Parish Councillor.
6.2 Handyman’s Report.
The Clerk reported on behalf of the handyman. The Sam2 speed monitor has been moved this month, as agreed. He has trimmed the bushes on the footpath across the field from the Village Hall to the Row, as well as other tasks around the Parish.
6.4 Police Report.
There was no report available.
6.5 Glazewing Report.
LA reported that she had been communicating with Glazewing, following an incident involving a vehicle on route to the recycling plant. This vehicle had collided with a bollard, removing it completely from the
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Linda Arthur
Clerk to West Dereham Parish Council
Email: clerk@westderehamparishcouncil.uk
Tel: 07391 101835
pavement. The response from Glazewing was that Highways had been informed and that they would be repairing the damage.
LA also reported that she had received reports of vehicle traffic to Glazewing, out of hours. This included reports of such traffic at 5.30 am. Glazewing have asked for identification of all vehicles, otherwise they are unable to investigate, however in the dark at 5.30 am, this is virtually impossible. LA has notified Glazewing, who assure the PC that traffic is only received during their operational hours of 7 am to 7 pm.
KG reported that he had seen a McIntyre HGV in Bath Road at 10 am on 26.11.20. LA agreed to contact Glazewing with this information.
LH asked SP if there were any meetings planned with Glazewing. SP confirmed that there were not.
6.6 Village Hall Report.
The Chair of the Village Hall Management Committee reported that the VHMC was committed to opening in a safe manner when Covid 19 restrictions allow. Track and trace was in place, as well as a bar screen. A stock check had been made and all out of date stock identified and disposed of. The VHMC hope to open the Village Hall before Christmas, but this depends on restrictions at the time. New doors have been installed. An inventory of equipment is currently underway. The chair asked that any parishioner with bookkeeping experience may consider volunteering as treasurer for the hall, as well as other management committee posts.
The VHMC Chair gave a financial report, which VHMC will update when trading is able to commence.
7. To Elect a Vice Chair
KG proposed that Nick Drew should take the post of vice-chair. This was seconded by Stuart Glover and unanimously agreed.
8. Finance Report
8.1 To Consider Financial Statements for November 2020.
The Clerk had previously circulated the cash flow and reported a cash balance of £ 29,456.41 as at 30th November. The Clerk reported that expenditure had totalled £2,157.49
8.2 Cheque Payments for Approval for November 2020.
The Clerk itemised the payments that were now due. All were unanimously agreed.
Cheque No
Remarks 45 101196 PKF Littlejohn £200.00 £40.00 £240.00 External Audit
R. Poole
Handyman’s Payment &Travel Nov20 47 101190 Cruso & Wilkin £300.00 £60.00 £360.00 Advice on farm tenancy
Limetree Marketing
Annual Report Booklet 2015 49 101200 P.King £201.14 £0.00 £201.14 Parish Clerk’s Salary & expenses Nov 20
L. Arthur
Parish Clerk’s Salary & expenses Nov 20 51 101202 HMRC £112.60 £0.00 £112.60 Parish Clerk’s PAYE & NIC
Holly Landscapes
Ground Maintenance – October 2020
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Linda Arthur
Clerk to West Dereham Parish Council
Email: clerk@westderehamparishcouncil.uk
Tel: 07391 101835
8.3 To agree the budget for the financial year 2021/22
All Councillors had been circulated the budget. Following a discussion the budget was unanimously agreed.
8.4 To agree the precept for the financial year 2021/22
LH proposed that there should be no change to the precept and it would remain at £17,403.74. This was unanimously agreed.
8.5 To agree the simple servicing authority for Barclays to change to the new clerk
Unanimously agreed.
8.6 To agree expenditure for new website
LA provided a quotation of £500, which was unanimously agreed.
8.3 To agree training contribution for Clerk’s CiLCA training and qualification
LH proposed that a contribution of £275 should be made, thereby reducing the Clerk’s personal contribution to the training to £375, which was unanimously agreed. LA thanked the PC for this welcome contribution.
9. Proposal for the Recreation Ground St Andrews Close
The Parishioners who were proposing the recreation ground gave a report on the survey that had been sent out. There were 75 replies, of which 73 gave a positive response. LH asked LA to contact BCKLWN to check that the plans are acceptable. LH also suggested that a working committee should be formed to progress the project.
10. To agree Grounds Maintenance schedule prior to invitation of tender applications
LH confirmed that a timeline had been agreed. This is to get a tender document finalised by the end of December so that tenders can be invited in January and agreed at the February meeting.
11. To comment on Planning Applications received
11.1 To receive results of applications
There were none
11.2 To receive new applications and comment.
There were none
12. To consider Parish Council Internal Affairs & Policies
There were none to be reviewed.
13. Correspondence
ND asked if any progress had been made on previous correspondence regarding the natural burial ground. LH asked LA to check the progress on this.
14. To agree agenda items for the next Parish Council agenda (Thursday 4th February at 7pm)
KG asked that allotments should be added to the agenda.
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Linda Arthur
Clerk to West Dereham Parish Council
Email: clerk@westderehamparishcouncil.uk
Tel: 07391 101835
15. Open Forum for Public Participation
SG mentioned that a parishioner had cut the verge and dyke between the village hall and the school and that it was an excellent job. LH asked LA to send a letter of thanks to the parishioner. LA asked the Parish Councillors to provide her with contact details for this parishioner so that this request could be carried out.
SP asked the PC to attend to the mud in Lime Kiln Road. LH suggested that LA should write to the landowner concerned. LA requested contact details.
ND mentioned that a house had been repainted in Church Road and wondered if planning permission was required. LA agreed to ask planning if this was the case
Meeting closed at 8.15 pm ___________________________ (Chairperson)
___________________________ (Date)

Wretton Parish Council Meeting August

Present: Cllr David Llewellyn – Chairman,
Cllr Martyn Cann, Cllr Peter Garnett, Cllr Mandy Peake, Cllr Mick Peake.
1. Apologies for Absence accepted from:
Apologies received from Cllr Ian Mack and Cllr Paul Williams.
Apologies also received from Borough Councillor Colin Sampson and County Councillor
Martin Storey.
2. No declarations of Interest made
3. The minutes of the virtual meeting held on 06.07.20 were agreed as a true
record. Minutes will be signed once the Council can meet physically.
4. Reports (including updates from matters raised at the meeting on 06.07.20)
4.1 Chairman’s Report
• Potholes reported by Lime House Drove and in Fen Drove.
• Oil has been dropped by a lorry on the road by Limehouse Drove. This was
eventually dealt with by the company responsible for the lorry.
• The Chairman suggested electronic storage for the Parish Council could be achieved
either via an £8.00 per month subscription to drop-box or through using Office 365
and creating a shared folder in One Drive. As the Parish Council already pays a 365
subscription One Drive will be trialled.
4.2 Clerk’s Report
At the last PC meeting it was agreed to contact NCC Highways with the following concerns:
1. Low Road in Wretton is considered to be hazardous in that cars speed along it and
vehicles park dangerously. Parking on the verge continues to create a hazard by Fendick’s
Cottages but vehicles now seem to park in more places along the road even though there
are blind bends. With the new housing along this road it was hoped the speed limit could be
lowered. Previously the Parish Council has been told this will not happen as the criteria to
lower the speed limit was not being met. NCC Highways has been asked to provide a copy
of the Speed Management in which this criterion is set.
2. Concern was also raised regarding the parking of vehicles in front of the Old Red Lion,
which hampers visibility when trying to pull out of Church Road and along Low Road.
The Police are also aware of these concern about inconsiderate parking and have asked at
what times parking is considered to be a problem.
3. The West Dereham Road, coming into Wretton, floods in heavy rain due to the fact that
the verge and grups are a higher level than the road surface.
Correspondence of note is forwarded to Councillors which has included regular updates
from Norfolk ALC and a response from Borough Council Jim Moriarty regarding the
Planning Sifting Panel and Parish Councils.
Concern has been raised regarding a new access created into a field along Field Lane.
Councillors felt this has been created as previously there was no proper access.
It was noted that grave markers damaged by the grounds maintenance contractor have still
to be replaced as was agreed.
4.3 Risk Assessment Update
The play area and equipment on Church Road, Wretton had its annual safety inspection on
9/7/2020, arranged through the Borough Council. There were a couple of findings reported
back to Wretton PC:
1. The shelter was flagged for severe rot in the timber and given a moderate risk score of
12 out of 25.
2. The toddler climber with slide also received a score of 12 moderate risk for severe timber
rot on the steps. The Parish Council will continue to monitor the identified risks.
Covid -19 regulations relating to the closure of play areas have now been relaxed and it
was agreed the Wretton play area will now be unlocked so it can be used again.
5. Accounts were presented and accepted for payment.
Cheques for approval of payment
Clerk’s salary £118.44
K & M Lighting Services x2 (streetlight maintenance) £38.64
CGM grass cutting (12.06.20, 29.06.20, 09.07.20, 27.07.20) £372.00
West Norfolk Web Design hosting £55.00
HMRC PAYE £44.40
Finance – @ 31st July 2020:
Current Account £8721.45
Business Premium Account £3468.08
6. Planning Applications:
No applications received for consultation.
7. Other Reports – for information only:
No further reports offered.
Date of next virtual Wretton Parish Council meeting: November 2nd 2020 @7.30pm.
Public Participation – No members of the public present
Chairman’s Signature……………………………………… Date……………

St Andrew’s West Dereham Newsletter Winter 2020


Dear Friends,
We hope that you are all keeping safe and well during these prolonged difficulties with the Coronavirus: If you have any concerns, for yourself, your family or your neighbours, please let us know so that we can bring or find the help needed.
Even the simplest things are sometimes difficult when you are feeling unwell or fearful.
We have so far been unable to hold any services in church since March. Most of the other churches in our group have started again, but we have workmen in, replacing the stonework and medieval glass of the East Window. This is a dusty job, with scaffolding and ladders in the Chancel so that we do not feel we can have services.
The church will reopen for private prayer once the works are complete. To keep everyone ‘Covid safe’ please follow the directions in church and use the handsanitiser. Surfaces will be wiped down every night.
Many of you have responded by bringing suitable food items to the church porch during the recent invitation to provide “free school meals” during the half-term break. Your generosity was such that we were able to take the surplus food to the Downham Market Food Bank where it will be able to supply the needy families of the wider community: So a very big thank-you to all who responded!
If you have been into church in the last few years you may have noticed the changes we have gradually been introducing so that those who visit or attend services can be more comfortable. Particularly, you may be glad that our team has installed a spacious toilet – and we would like to acknowledge Nick Drew for his help in getting the various trenches for pipework and outfall dug and filled in and for helping us with re-instating the church floor after installation of the necessary pipework. Similarly we had very generous help from Clive Clarke in laying the floor screed and in installing all the fittings and pipework.
The whole of the old church wiring has been replaced and some new lighting installed. Alongside this, a new sound system has been installed (partly funded by a generous donation from one of our villagers) so that it is much easier both to see and hear. This is a great improvement, particularly when we have large gatherings, such as the carol service, funerals and weddings.
We also hope to install a lovely pipe-organ above the toilet, with the console opposite, so that you will hear beautiful accompaniments to your singing. This will wait until we have sufficient finances.
Since March life has changed for everyone and that includes the folk who worship at St Andrew’s.
We have sadly not been able to use the church for worship since then but we have discovered a new and surprising way of doing church. We tried out Zoom and it worked. Even some of our congregation who might call themselves novices when it comes to computers have managed to get online and join us.
Every Sunday there is a service at 9.30 am (6.00pm on the 4th Sunday). We have an average around 24 people ‘attending’ from local churches, together with some from Lincolnshire and Warwickshire.

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