Whittington Church News

Bonus Ball is a weekly competition we run based on Saturday’s bonus ball number in the National Lottery.

Just to update you on what we have been doing in our church this year:

Besides using the church for regular worship we also make use of it as a community centre. A charity knitting/sewing club meets in the church every third Thursday from10to12 noon. We are now having our ‘Winter Recess’ and start again in March when everyone will be welcome to come along. Many garments have been produced for the children of Novahrad Volynskyi, a village in the Ukraine, and also for the premature Baby Unit at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital. One member made a beautiful new altar cover for Stoke Ferry School. But if anyone wants to come and bring their own handicraft for a natter over a cuppa they would be most welcome.

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Cyril Marsters writes to The Editor

Dear Ray,

In your January Editorial you said: “Viewing the range of local Parish Council minutes it is becoming clear that there seems to be a noticeable conflict between the various factions in each village”. You conclude that: “…more time is spent arguing amongst the councillors than in working for the village”.

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