Wereham News – May

Wereham Open Gardens

This year our Open Gardens will be on Sunday June 18th. As many of you know this is an important fundraiser for the church and helps towards the running costs.
I have promises from several people to open their gardens again but it would be brilliant to have some new gardens too. They don’t have to be show gardens, our lovely visitors just enjoy walking round, meeting everybody and picking up ideas. So please have a think about it and feel free to have a chat about opening your garden.
Or if you would like to help in any way either before or on the day please contact me.
Hope to hear from you……….
Lizzie Baddock 500233
Please would you remember our plant stall if you are dividing plants or seedlings and if you have any spare you could pot up for us to sell?
Also any surplus ornamental pots that you may have that can be potted up or garden related items are useful.
Ronnie’s plant stall is always popular and helps immensely towards our overall total for the day.
Lizzie Baddock
Neighbourhood watch helps reduce burglary, anti-social behaviour and other crimes. As a member you will be notified of crimes which happen in order that you can take steps to prevent yourself becoming a victim. As a member some insurance companies also lower their household premiums.
If you are interested in joining our Neighbourhood watch, please contact Sandra Calvert on 01366 500507 or email stuart@calvertstuart.wanadoo.co.uk where she will put you in touch with your local co-coordinator. The cost of joining is a one off payment of £3.00.

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Wereham News – December


With reference to dog fouling in The Row and Queens Close, irresponsible owners are failing to clear up after their pets.
Their dogs’ mess on our grass in The Row, also I’ve noticed up Queens Close as well in two or three places. I’m getting pretty fed up having to clear it up on our frontage, although the verge belongs to the council, who also fail to ever cut it, we have to do this, and we have to remove the dogs mess off our grass. I’ve even bought dog fouling signs to put up on our wall to try and stop the dogs fouling our grass. One other thing I would like to say is that up Queens Close there are young children who play on the grass and pavements, as you may know dog mess carries some really nasty things, and I would like to bring this to dog owners’ attention. Please clear up if your dog fouls, otherwise Wereham dog owners could face £1,000 fines.
A displeased householder in The Row, Wereham,

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