Draft Minutes of the Extraordinary Meeting held on
Thursday 30 May 2019 at 7.00pm in Stoke Ferry Village Hall
Cllr Sue Lintern (Chair)
Cllr Daphne Clements
Cllr Mandy Leamon
Cllr Trudy Mann
Cllr Donna Stocking
Cllr Janet Taylor
Helen Richardson (Parish Clerk and Financial Responsible Person)
Public: 1
Also, in attendance:
119/19 Emergency Evacuation Procedures was read by the Chair.
120/19 Openness and Transparency Notice – The Parish Council record the meeting. The Chair notified the public of this.
130/19 Apologies for Absence Apologies were accepted for Cllr Jim McNeill; Cllr Kit Hesketh-Harvey and Cllr Gail Reeve (all personal reasons).
Apologies were also received from Cllr Colin Sampson.
131/19 Declarations of Interest on Agenda Items and Dispensation Requests There were none.
131/19 To Approve the Parish Council’s Annual Insurance and Approve Payment
The Chair advised that the premium had gone up following the assets register review which had been historically under value, the assets register now included the new village sign. The Chair advised that for events and occasions such as litter picking risk assessments would need to take place and necessary measures put in place as a result. The Chair advised that specific insurance was purchased for the Mid-Summer Fayre. The Chair proposed approval of the insurance renewal fee of £629.64 plus £50 administration fee from 1st June, seconded by Cllr Janet Taylor, all were in favour.
132/19 To Discuss Committees and Working Groups of the Parish Council
The Chair suggested that the Parish Council identify projects that could be progressed by way of a working party. The Chair shared that a Committee was more of a formal structure requiring agendas, minutes and the Parish Clerk’s time. It was agreed that for each working group there should be a lead person identified to coordinate work needed. A report could be provided to a Parish Council meeting when necessary, also where decisions would need to be made.
The Parish Council identified the following:
• Electronic Version Cemetery Records Working Group
• Recovery Plan following an Emergency Working Group; It was noted that this document needed finalisation.

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Minutes of the meeting held on May 1st
Mrs Armsby welcomed 14 members.
APOLOGIES were received from Gillian Smith & Wendy Quadling.
The minutes of the previous meeting were read & signed.
CORRESPONDENCE. A letter from Ian Grimes thanked us for our donation to Norfolk Blood Bikes. Jenny Elsey had received an email inviting members to attend the launch of Richard L Coates new book called “A Farthing for the ferryman”. It takes place from 6.30-7.30pm on Thursday May 2nd.
Anita Horgen gave birthday cards to Jean Carter & Yvonne Self. Jenny Elsey will deliver one to Gillian Smith.
The June meeting will be a fish & chip supper. A list was passed around for everyone to order their meal, & to pay for it in advance if possible. Hazel Hearne offered to bring tablecloths, & members were reminded to bring their own drinks & condiments. Valerie Kirchen said that her daughters will kindly pick up the order & deliver it to the hall for us, as they had done last year.
ROTAS Door/raffle Janet Cooper & Hazel Hearne There will be two birthdays.
Mrs Armsby then handed over to Yvonne Self, who needed no formal introduction, as she has been a member for many years, & is an experienced flower arranger. Her first display was perched on top of a blue wine bottle, with a smaller posy at the base. Using greenery from her garden & a mixture of white flowers, she then added a few bluebells to match the bottle. The second arrangement was an oval basket containing a variety of yellow & gold flowers, which would have made a lovely gift for a golden wedding anniversary. The third was an unusual horizontal shape on top of a brown earthenware pot. Here, Yvonne used red & brown leaves & twigs, with a beautiful line of vivid pink roses. So as not to waste anything, she even managed to turn the leftover flowers & leaves into another rectangular display to finish. All arrangements were put into the raffle. Yvonne was thanked by Doris Armsby, & given a voucher to show our appreciation.
The extended raffle was won by Anita Horgen, Jenny Elsey, Hazel Hearne, Claire Lankfer & Wendy Quadling.
The meeting ended at 9.45pm.
Claire Lankfer

STOKE FERRY PARISH COUNCIL Minutes of the Extraordinary Meeting held on Draft Wednesday 24 April 2019 at 7.00pm in Stoke Ferry Village Hall


Cllr Sue Lintern (Chair)
Cllr Daphne Clements
Cllr Kit Hesketh-Harvey
Cllr Mandy Leamon
Cllr Trudy Mann
Cllr Jim McNeill (Vice Chair)
Cllr Gail Reeve
Cllr Donna Stocking
(Vacancy – 1)
Helen Richardson (Parish Clerk and Financial Responsible Person)

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