Stoke Ferry Eel Screens

We are currently planning to install brand new eel screens at our Stoke Ferry site as part of significant programme of works across the region designed to make a difference to the endangered species. As part of Anglian Water’s Water Industry National Environment Programme (WINEP), the scheme is a £1.5million investment into new eel screens which will be installed on the Cut-Off Channel and the River Wissey.
Why are we doing this?
The European eel is now classed as critically endangered after a 95 per cent decline in population over the last 25 years.
Eels spend their early years in rivers across Europe before migrating to the Sargasso Sea in the North Atlantic to spawn. The spawn is then thought to use the Gulf Stream to return to our rivers, by which time they have developed into very small glass eels.
One of the reasons why the eel population is thought to have declined so rapidly in recent years, is because structures in our rivers, like weirs, locks and other machinery prevents the species from completing their migration cycle in order to reproduce.
The new screens at Stoke Ferry will stop eels from entering the abstraction intake, but the size of the mesh on the screens also means they will protect fish and other organisms from being drawn into the machinery too.
Anglian Water


Minutes of the meeting held on Jan2nd 2019
Mrs Armsby welcomed 14 members and one visitor, Mike Cooper , our quizmaster for the evening. She also wished everyone a happy new year.
APOLOGIES were received from Heather Durrance, Valerie Kirchen and Audrey Hudson.
A report from the Christmas meal was read & signed, & Mrs Armsby said that her Poinsettia is still looking very healthy.
Mrs Horgen gave a birthday card to Carol Thulbourne, and Mrs Self offered to deliver one to Audrey Hudson. There will be two in February.
Mrs Elsey said that she will be collecting subs for 2019 @ £15 a head.
The Feb meeting will be a talk by Rosie O’Grady from Riding for the Disabled. Janet Burns will contact her nearer the time to remind her of the date & time.
Teas Janet Cooper & Hazel Hearne
Door & raffle Janet Burns & Sheila Smith
VOT Anita Horgen
Mrs Armsby then introduced Mike Cooper who had compiled the quiz for us. We enjoyed some unusual rounds such as Gardening and what comes next in the sequence, but proved to be rubbish at local knowledge, and the identification of which fungi were edible, and which were poisonous. However, we all enjoyed the challenge, and Mike was warmly thanked by Mrs Armsby, and presented with a Waitrose voucher.
Each member had brought a wrapped parcel for the raffle, so everyone went home with a prize.
The meeting ended at 9.30pm.
Claire Lankfer (secretary)


On Dec 5th, 14 members gathered at the Foldgate Inn for their Christmas meal. The pre-ordered choices were delivered piping hot, if a little large on portion size, but everyone enjoyed them.
No official minutes were read, but Mrs Armsby reminded the members who are down for Jan rotas, and everyone to bring a wrapped raffle prize.
Birthday cards were given to Sheila Smith & Valerie Kirchen. There will be two in Jan.
Hazel Hearne presented Mrs Armsby with a huge Poinsettia, and other committee members with wrapped parcels. Gillian Smith thanked them all for their work during the year.
Jean Carter issued an invitation from Beachamwell WI for our members to attend their meeting on the following evening, when there will be entertainment from “West End Waiters”.
Mrs Armsby then passed round a proposed programme for 2019, which had been put together with ideas from several different members. This will be given to Janet Cooper, whose husband Mike has kindly agreed to print it for us once again.
The first meeting will be on Jan 2nd at the Community Centre. It’s Quiz Night, & any visitors will be most welcome at £2 a head. For everyone else subs will be due.
The very pleasant evening ended at 9.30 with everyone wishing each other a very happy Christmas.
Claire Lankfer