On Aug 1st at 10am, 17 members & friends left Stoke Ferry on a Harrods coach trip.
Our first stop was the lovely old Lincolnshire town of Stamford. Here we saw a large proportion of beautiful old listed buildings, which gave the feeling of going back in time, in spite of having a high street with plenty of shops to browse in.
After a nice lunch, the coach took us on to Rutland Water, where we boarded the Rutland Belle, a pleasure cruiser that that gives tours around the lake. While cruising we were served with a lovely afternoon cream tea, and listened to a commentary telling us the history of the area.
The reservoir is man-made, and began construction in 1971 to provide water to the surrounding area. It took 4 years to complete & a further 4 to fill. Many homes and farms, & even one whole village were lost. One landmark that was preserved was St Matthew’s church, once the private church for the Normanton Estate. It is now a museum, and given access via a specially built causeway.
The dam is 1200 metres long, but is barely visible because of the landscaping. Extensive nature reserves have attracted a number of endangered species, especially the osprey.
Rutland Water has become an important tourist attraction offering something for everyone, including sailing, cycling, bird watching and walking.
After a very interesting day, we returned to Stoke Ferry at 6pm.
Everyone thanked Mrs Gillian Smith for organising such a lovely trip.
Claire Lankfer


Minutes of the meeting held on July 4th
Mrs Armsby welcomed 15 members.
APOLOGIES were received from Sheila Smith, Joy Beckett & Ann Prodromou.
ARISING Mrs Gillian Smith said that at present she only has 14 names down for the mystery tour on Aug 1st. She hopes that a few more people will come forward to make it viable, & will have a word with Harrods. Meanwhile she asked that members pay in advance if possible, & the money will be refunded if the outing has to be cancelled.
CORRESPONDENCE a letter was received from Carol Nicholas-Letch concerning the centenary celebrations to mark the end of World War one. The benefice will be holding a special service at Christchurch Whittington, & a planning meeting is to be held at a later date if anyone has any ideas to enhance the occasion.
Mrs Horgen gave a card to Mrs Hazel Hearne for her birthday later in July. There will be one member’s birthday in August.
No jobs will be needed for Aug, so these were arranged for September.
Teas Jean Carter & Yvonne Self
Door & raffle Wendy Quadling & Joy Beckett
VOT Janet Burns
The speaker will be Helen Cross, talking about providing water to deprived villages in Ghana.
Arrangements for the Harvest Supper will also be discussed in Sept.
Mrs Armsby then welcomed Keith Lawrence, the antiques expert, who is a frequent visitor to our meetings. This time his fun quiz involved identifying the use of 15 different spoons. This proved a bit difficult with such names as demi tasse & berry. However one team managed to guess all 15 correct. Keith then explained the history & value of his collection. He was thanked by Anita Horgen.
The raffle was won by Carol Thulbourne, Jenny Elsey & Gillian Smith.
The meeting ended at 9.15pm.
Claire Lankfer