Stoke Ferry Diamond Jubilee- A Big Thankyou

It was 06.00 in the morning on Sunday 3 June when I woke up to the sound of heavy rain.  I knew at that moment that my idea of having a street party to celebrate the Queens Diamond Jubilee with our village neighbours was more fantasy than reality.  Why does the British weather always have to spoil our plans and ruin everything? 

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Stoke Ferry Diamond Jubileee Event

Will you be in Stoke Ferry on Jubilee weekend?

When: Sunday 3 June and Monday 4 June

There are a number of fun events planned for this historic weekend.

On Sunday the 1948 London Olympic Torch will be run through the village. It arrives at approximately 3.45pm and will leave on the Monday morning at approximately 9.00am. As well as the opportunity to run with the torch, we are hoping to have sports displays organised. Additionally a street party is planned with music, a variety of children’s activities etc in Lynn Road, bring a plate of food with you.

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