Wretton Parish Council Meeting January 2020

Present: Cllr David Llewellyn – Chairman, Cllr Mick Peake, Cllr Martyn Cann.
Also present: Borough Councillor Colin Sampson and 1 member of the public
Public Participation
No matters raised
1. Apologies for Absence accepted from:
Apologies for absence received from Cllr Ian Mack, Cllr Peter Garnett, Cllr Paul Williams
and Cllr Mandy Peake. County Councillor Martin Storey also gave apologies.
2. No Declarations of Interest made
3. Approval of Minutes:
The minutes of the meetings held on 04.11.19 and 26.11.19 were confirmed as a true
4. Update on matters arising from previous meetings:
• It was reported that planning application 19/01865/F, which was the subject of the
Parish Council meeting held on 26.11.19, is likely to be refused. The applicant has
asked for an extension to allow further information to be provided to support the
application but it appears refusal is likely to be recommended by the planning review
5. Reports
5.1 Chairman’s Report
• A parish newsletter was not issued prior to Christmas as was hoped.
• The Chairman is still working on improvements to the Parish Council website and the
Church has been offered a page within the community section.
• It was suggested past Parish Council minutes could be digitalised and enquiries will
be made.
• The Council will consider a document storage/retention policy at the next parish
council meeting.
5.2 Clerk’s Report
Correspondence passed to Councillors:
Relatively quiet time over the Christmas period but of note information has been passed to
Councillors re. change of local bus services and of tours to the Materials Recycling Facility
at Costessey in 2020. Other regular correspondence received includes Norfolk ALC
newsletters and Police newsletters.
Cold Calling Zone
Cllr. Paul Williams had suggested establishing a No Cold Calling Zone in Wretton.
Information has been passed to Councillors and consideration will possibly be given to the
idea at a future meeting, if a local co-ordinator can be identified.
5.3 Risk Assessment Update
Work has been undertaken on the pedestrian gate to the play area as suggested in the
annual play equipment inspection report. Councillors will take a look at the work done
before the invoice is settled.
6. Accounts were presented and accepted for payment.
Cheques for approval of payment
Payments for Jan. 20 2019
Clerks Salary £118.44
SLCC subs £44.00
Street Light Maintenance (Dec. Jan) £38.64
CGM grass cutting £156.00
Bonnetts (play area gate) £42.00
Bank Balances at 29.11.19
Current Account £6252.51
Savings Account £3464.20
Current account holds CIL money of £2196 with another £1441.01 received 28.10.19
Transparency Grant of £1225 has now almost been spent. Approx. £168 remains within the
current account
7. Project Updates
7.1 Phone box defibrillator – the project is now felt to be complete.
7.2 Wretton Green “pond” area – Cllr Paul Williams has had most recent input to this
project but he was not present to give any update. It was noted however the “pond” area
is now looking better than it had been!
8. Budget needs and precept request for 2020/21
Councillors were presented with a current budget position and this was considered in
preparation for setting the 2020/21 budget and precept request.
It was agreed to set a budget and precept request of £5139. It is expected this will result
in a 2020/21 Council tax charge of £35.74 for a Band D property.
9. No Planning Applications received for consultation
10. Other Reports – for information only:
• It was noted that the hedge which was removed in Chequers Lane has a
replacement notice issued to reinstate the hedge by 29.02.20. The Parish Council
would like to see the hedge planted to aid visibility at the adjacent junction. Borough
Councillor Colin Sampson was asked if he could investigate whether this would be
• Untaxed vehicles parking on the verge is an issue. This has been reported to the
appropriate authorities. Colin Sampson was asked to report vehicles and the location
to the Police as it is possible to visit Downham Market Police Station to speak directly
to Officers.


Draft (until approved at the next meeting)
Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting held on
Wednesday 4 March 2020 at 7.00 pm in Stoke Ferry Village Hall
Cllr Sue Lintern (Chair)
Cllr Kit Hesketh-Harvey
Cllr Mandy Leamon
Cllr Trudy Mann
Cllr Gail Reeve
Cllr Donna Stocking
Cllr Janet Taylor
Helen Richardson (Parish Clerk and Financial Responsible Person)
Also, in attendance:
Cllr Colin Sampson, BCKLWN
Cllr Martin Storey, NCC
Chris Philpott, Footpath Warden
Public: 2
63/20 Emergency Evacuation Procedures was read by the Chair.
64/20 Openness and Transparency Notice – The Parish Council record the meeting. The Chair notified the public of this. The Chair also advised that any aggressive or abusive behaviour towards members of the Parish Council, staff or members of the public will not be tolerated. If this happens you will be asked to leave and if necessary, the meeting will be suspended.
65/20 To receive and accept apologies for absence – Cllr Jim McNeill (Vice Chair) (illness).
66/20 To receive Declarations of Interest from Members on any item to be discussed – Cllr Janet Taylor declared an interest on the payments for approval item and it was agreed that she would not vote (minute 84/20). Cllr Trudy Mann declared an interest on the item regarding the Bluebell and declared that she wished to abstain from voting (minute 69/20).
67/20 To approve the Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting 5 February 2020 – The minutes of the ordinary meeting held on 5 February 2020 were proposed for approval as a correct record by Cllr Gail Reeve, seconded by Cllr Janet Taylor, five were in favour and two abstained due to be absent from the meeting.
68/20 Matters Arising (and Clerk’s Report)
Buckenham Drive Land Transfer – The Clerk recently chased them for a response, and they acknowledged and responded to say they would respond as soon as possible. The Chair asked that for the Clerk share with the BCKLWN a concern of attachment to the Mill and request a response.
Mill Liaison Committee – The Clerk emailed the Mill Manager with the Term of Reference for the Committee regarding it continuation and awaits a response.
Indigo Streetlights – There was no update currently, but it is progressing via Norfolk County Council. There were also sewage considerations also in the road the BCKLWN and NCC needed to work on.
Village Gates – Had been installed at Bridge Road and Lynn Road. Cllr Trudy Mann wished to compliment Steve and Dave for their great work on the day in helping the Clerk and Cllr Trudy Mann in the siting of the gates and the installation. The Clerk agreed to pass the thanks to the Norfolk County Council. A discussion took place regarding the signage for the gates and this will be worked on during the month for approval at the next meeting.
Recovery Plan – The Clerk had sent the Recovery Plan to the Emergency Planning team as a tool for them to use as the authority on recovering following any incident. Leaflets had been provided to residents from BCKLWN in 2019.

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