What does the Doctor think this month – March


Have you ever tried wearing your computer? I use my home computer a lot, mostly for Emails, word processing, running a boat club and the church 200 Club and so on. I have never really embraced social media such as Facebook and I switch my mobile on when I want to make a call. When we go away, I usually take my Ipad and my MacBook Air, which is like a laptop. I use the IPad to access my Emails and the newspapers online and the MacBook, with its larger memory and computing capacity, comes in handy for watching DVDs in the evenings, processing photographs and online learning. Most airlines allow 10kg hand baggage within a small suitcase but some only allow 7kg and are rigid in the application of the rule, charging £18 for every additional kilo. With the 10kg airlines, all is well because the weight of the suitcase, the Ipad, the MacBook Air, the external hard drive, the DVD player attachment and my camera case containing the camera and zoom lens comes to about 10kg.
Our trip in January was in the 7kg category and there was no way I could get the weight down to 7kg. Carrying the lap top at check in does not work because the eagle-eyed girl always says “Is that going in your hand luggage?” and makes me weigh it. I once read an article about wearing your luggage. It is possible to buy a coat with many pockets and to put all your clothes and accoutrements for two weeks in those pockets. You would look like a camel at the check out and this is probably best avoided. However, the idea is good. I bought one of those pairs of trousers with multiple pockets down the legs and I always wear a fairly capacious red fleece with good pockets. Arrive at the airport – into the trouser pockets went the zoom lens, the external hard drive and the DVD playing attachment. The bulky camera had to stay in the case but the MacBook went into the rear inside of my trousers, next to the skin, and the Ipad went down the front! The red fleece covered the whole bizarre appearance at the top of my trousers and I approached the check-in desk stiff-legged and nonchalant with a carry on bag weighing less than 7kg so no problem at check in. Off around the corner, all the equipment was restored to the suitcase and we went off through security. Same on the return journey and all was well. It would probably be best if you didn’t tell anyone about this ruse as, if rumbled, I might have to wear my computers throughout the flight and that would be extremely uncomfortable.

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A General Study of Boughton


Bill Miller, a long standing resident of Boughton passed a piece of work by his son David to the Parish Council recently, and with his permission we re-create the work here.
It is a fascinating insight into Boughton in 1969. It was written before the many changes that have occurred in and around Boughton including the by-pass around Stoke Ferry, and at a time when many still worked on the land. The original document, including some illustrations, can be viewed on the Group 4 website in Boughton/History section.

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Westminster Diary – February


Across the country the past couple of months have been notable for the extremes in weather – from incredibly mild to torrential down pours and snow. In South West Norfolk the Welney causeway was closed due to flooding and flood alerts were issued for the River Thet and Little Ouse. The timing of the flood summit I am holding this month is therefore very fortuitous as discussions will focus on Norfolk County Council’s feasibility study into raising the Welney Causeway. The closure of the A1101 can lead to diversions of up to 40 minutes in travel time across to Cambridgeshire. The Environment Agency will also discuss the collaborative work they are doing with Internal Drainage Boards, landowners and councils. I will report back on the outcome of this meeting in next month’s column.

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