Las vegus and The Pentecost

Last month we celebrated Pentecost in church and school. It is the festival when Christians celebrate the gift of the Holy Spirit -  how the children loved the bit when we re-enacted the coming of the Holy Spirit as depicted in the book of Acts – ‘Suddenly a sound like a howling wind came from heaven’ – in school we all had a really good go at sounding like a howling wind.  Cheeks puffed out and slightly red faces and that was just the teachers!

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Memories of the 1940′s Part 3

Having won a Junior County Scholarship I joined Alleyn’s School in Dulwich in September 1942.  I was not particularly happy.  I had no wish  to go to a rotten grammar school, I would be leaving all my school  friends, it was going to set me apart from the local kids, I was going  to have to do homework, I was expected to stay until I was sixteen when  all my friends would be leaving school at fourteen and at work earning  money.  I was going to have to go to school on Saturdays and, worst of  all, I was going to have to wear a school uniform, the only good news  was that I was going to wear long trousers, every boy was keen to get  their first pair, it made them ‘grown up’.  (When I got them they had  the new ‘41’ utility mark and obeyed the new rule that forbid turn-ups.)

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Media Musings by Cyril Marsters

LN (Lynn News), May 2: I could eat a horse, but how about you? A Lynn businesswoman is considering offering horsemeat on her menu when she opens a new cafe in town this month…Horse-rider and farmer Princess Anne believes putting a value on unwanted horses [by eating them] could help solve the welfare problem, which saw around 8,000 horses abandoned in the UK last year.

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What Does the Doctor Think for July?

How not to crash at a road junction!

Did you ever “just not see it?” It must have happened to you at some time or another. When driving, you pull up at a junction, look right and left, then right again and pull out onto the main road, only to hear a blast on a horn as a car flashes in front of you. I expect you could not understand how you missed seeing the car and were thoroughly rattled by the experience. Well, don’t feel too bad about it because, for small periods of time, we are unable to see anything at all.

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Wereham News – July

June Update from Wereham Village Hall Committee

Update from our Ordinary meeting on the June 2nd–
The Gas heaters and asbestos panels have been removed, thanks to Roger for organising and thanks to John & Ivan Voutt for disposing of the gas heaters. We have submitted a funding application to help towards part of the cost of new heaters. To help raise funds for the new heaters, we’ve organised a family prize bingo for Saturday the 12th of July. Please see details in our events section below. Donations needed of chocs/sweets, bottles, unwanted gifts, cakes etc, please drop off with either Doreen at 2 Queens Close (500218) or Diane at Brix on Cavenham Road (500798), thanks for your help!

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