Our Foreign Policies


I continue to be puzzled and somewhat dismayed by our actions.  Why did we set ourselves against Syria’s Assad?  I have asked that before, he wasn’t all bad, he was tolerant towards Christians, he ran a fairly westernised country where Islamic extremists were kept under control, where girls were free to attend school and women were free to work, drive cars, wear western dress, listen to western music etc.  Of course he was rather tyrannical in the way he would not tolerate opposition, but he is not alone in the world in that.

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Stoke Ferry Playing Field Trust

February newsletter from the Playing Field

After taking a short break in January the Playing Field Committee are back in full swing with fund raising events.  The 7th of Feb saw a fun filled evening with Race Night at the village hall.  This event now includes a member’s enclosure for all race horse owners where owners can enjoy a free glass of champagne while cheering along their horses from a front row seat.   This event is set to be held every 3 months with the next one being on 16th May.  Once again thank you to all those who came along and supported our efforts and a special thanks to The Bluebell Pub crew for joining us and also donating a wonderful raffle prize.

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The unforgivable attack on Charlie Hebdo initiated a wide response in western democracies, there was almost unqualified support for the magazine and its stance on free speech.  There were a few voices raised to complain that Charlie Hebdo went too far on occasions and caused great offence.

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