Christmas in Boughton

There was the usual flurry of activity in Boughton over Christmas. As it was only the second Christmas that I’ve spent in Boughton, in spite of living here for twenty-two years, I’m still pleasantly surprised at how active it is over the festive season. Many thanks to all who contributed to decorating the church in time for the Carol Service and special thanks to Frank and Geoff, who provided and erected the Christmas tree in the church. (By now, they’ve probably disposed of it as well! We appreciate them very much, particularly in the middle of the busy run-up to the pantomime.) It was a pity that so few people from the village were able to attend the service, possibly because it was midweek and at a fairly early time. Perhaps next year we’ll go for a later evening slot, but with so many events the weekend is a little difficult to arrange. On the Friday after that, Frank and company entertained the children after a brief nativity play, andSandyarranged mulled wine for those of a slightly more mature vintage.

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Stoke Ferry Parish Council Meeting 11 January 2012




Minutes of Stoke Ferry Parish Council Meeting held in The Community Centre At 7.30pm on Wednesday 11 January 2012


Those Attending: Cllr Mrs J Buckley-Stevens (Vice-Chair), Cllr Mrs D Clements, Cllr R Bivon, Cllr Mrs M Leamon, Cllr B Seymour, Cllr J Nicholas-Letch, Cllr E Taylor, Mrs C Hardy (Clerk) 5 Members of the Public. Borough Councillor C Sampson and PCSO Sophie Watson

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