Ray reminds us that the Village Pump has now reached the ripe old age of 32!

Hello again,

Well we have reached the end of yet another financial year with this edition. That means your Village Pump is now 32 years old! Looking back at the archives, it is amazing how our local villages have changed over these 32 years. The most obvious is the loss of the many clubs that used to serve local residents. And those that have survived do so with significantly reduce numbers. Last month I asked if anyone knew how long the Stoke Ferry Forget-me-Not’s had been in existence. I have not received any replies but a conversation in the local Fish Shop suggested it is well over 50 years. The numbers attending the club back in the 1970s were well in excess of 50 members at each gathering. I suppose this simply reflects the changes in our way of living and the impact of television on our social activities?

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