Wereham News -October

Wereham Craft Group.

We have had a very good month. The summer Fayre was excellent and the new layout worked extremely well. The craft group stall was in the village hall and we sold £145.00 worth of goods and this money has now been paid into village hall funds. Other craft stalls seemed to do very well also. Philip sold several of his metal craft items that he makes.
We are holding a pre- Christmas craft fair in the village hall on 4th November 10am until 4pm. I have booked some new crafters this time who have not been to Wereham before so do please come along and do some early Christmas shopping. We have just 2 tables left if anyone is interested in showing their goods; please contact me for more details. We will also have the craft stall out at Wereham Tots one Friday in December, please keep a lookout on face book, G4 and local papers for the date or contact me in late November. The craft stall will also be at the Christmas Bazaar in December when there are also many other attractions. New members welcome. Contact me Rosemary on 10366 501330, 07749240606, e-mail rosemary.pease@btinternet.com.

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Minutes of the meeting held on Sept 6th.
Mrs Armsby welcomed 14 members & 1 visitor, Joy Beckett.
APOLOGIES were received from Mavis Smith, Gypsie Duncan, Jenny Elsey, Rosemary White, Alice Ball, Anita Horgen, Audrey Hudson & Valerie Kirchen.
Minutes of the last meeting were read & signed.
ARISING Mrs Armsby apologised that there would be no talk on Bee-keeping tonight, as Mr Lucas had not written down the date, & was unable to come. She also thanked Gillian Smith for organising the August outing which everyone had enjoyed.
Mrs Horgen had given this month’s birthday cards to Mrs Hearne, who presented them to Wendy Quadling and Janet Cooper.
Oct meeting. Arrangements for the harvest supper were discussed, and members agreed to have a Ploughman’s, followed by apple pies & cream. Due to the low attendance, it was decided that the club would purchase everything required for the ploughman’s, and members would pay a small charge on the night to cover costs. Gillian Smith, Sheila Smith & Claire Lankfer will meet in Downham Market on the morning of Oct 4th to buy the food. Janet Cooper, Heather Durrance & Carol Thulbourne offered to make apple pies, & Janet Burns will bring some of her green tomato chutney.
Mrs Armsby asked if members could bring some extra raffle prizes, and reminded everyone to bring their own crockery , cutlery & a drink if needed. Door & raffle will be Janet Cooper & Janet Burns.
DECEMBER MEETING—- With very little discussion, members agreed to have an evening meal at the Foldgate, as several people had heard good reports about it. Gillian Smith said that the extension will be finished in time for the Christmas trade, & offered to bring a menu when available. There will be no raffle that evening.
Tonight’s raffle prizes were won by Claire Lankfer, Hazel Hearne & Heather Durrance.
The meeting ended at 9pm.
Claire Lankfer
( secretary )

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Ron’s Rambles

Welsh Language
I can understand the desire of the Welsh to ensure that their language does not disappear completely but I fail to understand why they consider it so important that all children should spend time learning the language. I did not understand when they tried to make it a compulsory part of all Welsh school’s curriculum I felt that the poor kids had enough to learn without being burdened by a language which, to all practical purposes, is useless, apart from being able to start speaking it when a stranger walks into a pub so that you can make them feel unwelcome.
Even worse now they are introducing more schools where all the lessons are to be taught in Welsh. Why? This will make the use of all the valuable school books that are printed in English more difficult, and the number of school text books that are available in Welsh must be quite limited. Teaching in Welsh and trying to make Welsh the first language must surely reduce the chance of achieving a high educational standard on an international scale and it will impose an unnecessary potential obstacle to mutual understanding with their English neighbours. National pride may have its place but nationalism can be very unattractive.

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