Advertising Opportunities

Raise the profile of your business this Spring and Summer

There are a limited number of spaces available for businesses to advertise in the Village Pump and these are usually booked annually. However, there are a few spaces available for the next six months.

For an entry in the March to August 2021 editions, the prices for the full six months are as follows:

One-eighth page = £9

One-quarter page = £18

Half page = £36

Whole page = £72

The Village pump is an A4 magazine, published monthly in black and white. Advertising makes up no more than one-third of its pages, so advertisers stand out.  

There are 250 subscribers, whose copies will be read by several people, and further copies are sold individually. If each copy of the magazine is read by two people (a low estimate) your ad will be seen 3,000 times over six months. So advertising in the Pump is extremely good value – cheaper even than Facebook!

To advertise your business in the Village Pump this spring and summer, email by February 15th.

You will need to supply an advert or let us know what you’d like to say so that we can prepare an ad for you.

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