Letter from Stoke Ferry Village Hall Committee

c/0 40 Buckenham Drive
Stoke Ferry

6th April 2019

To Whom it may concern,

Stoke Ferry Parish Council Elections 2nd May 2019

My attention has been drawn to a letter from Judith Taylor, recently distributed to several Stoke Ferry residents, in which a number of accusations are made regarding alleged wrongdoings and/or dereliction of duty, by Stoke Ferry Parish councillors. I am not qualified to respond to many of these allegations, but I do wish to clarify the references within that letter to Stoke Ferry Village Hall.

The Village Hall Committee has NOT, as stated in the letter, “decided to shut down the hall and hand it back to the Charities Commission, instead of listening to a viable alternative business plan”. I am pleased to confirm that Stoke Ferry Village Hall continues to operate very successfully and is on a sound financial footing. It is the wish and intention of the Committee that this situation will continue well into the future.

It is true that, some time after resigning from Stoke Ferry Village Hall Committee, Mrs Taylor did suggest a possible business plan which could purportedly help secure the charity’s future and provided a brief outline of the details of the proposed business model. The suggestions were considered at great length by the Committee. But ultimately, it was considered that the proposals made would be difficult to implement having regard to the limited resources available to us and Mrs Taylor was politely advised that we would not be pursuing her proposals unless and until fresh blood could be persuaded to join our committee. At the same time, I mentioned in passing, to Mrs Taylor, that if the charity is obliged to continue to rely solely on the existing volunteers, future circumstances may determine that we have no option but to pass control of The Village Hall back to the Commissioner and/or their nominee. It was made clear, however, if it ever transpires it will be several years into the future.

Mrs Taylor’s inference that the impending closure of Stoke Ferry Village Hall is a “fait accompli” is a gross distortion of the facts which should be taken with a pinch of salt. It was presumably designed to suit her own agenda.

Our committee felt, therefore, that this suggestion should be refuted without delay.

For and on behalf of Stoke Ferry Village Hall Committee

Mally Reeve (Chair)

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