Wretton Parish Council Jukly Meeting

Present– Cllr David Llewellyn – Chairman, Cllr Mick Peake, Cllr Mandy Peake, Cllr John Wyett.
Borough Councillor Colin Sampson
3 members of the public
Apologies for Absence
Cllr Ian Mack
County Councillor Martin Storey
No Declarations of Interest made
The Minutes of the meeting held on 13/05/15 were agreed as a true record.
Matters Arising from previous meetings
The Highway Engineer has responded to further enquiries regarding the ongoing encroachment concern of land at Lydia’s Lane and signage:
 HGV signs for Wretton Row
Highways are having to produce justification for all new signs and one reported problem is not deemed sufficient so signage will not be provided as requested.
 Lydia’s Lane
The issue of perceived encroachment by Field Cottage is seen by Highways as resolved as the offending fence was moved back 1m so there is no encroachment to be registered.
 Horse warning signs – Low Road
Such signs would only be considered if there was stables or heavy usage which would create a danger and it is felt the location does not met this criteria.
Some discussion took place regarding speeding in general and thought will be given to whether the Parish Council should investigate possible installation of a flashing speed awareness sign. A suggestion was made to consider establishing a Community Speed Watch Group but volunteers would need to come forward willing to undertake speed monitoring.
It was reported that a pot hole has reappeared at the end of Fen Road again and that the 30mph speed signs are faded.
Co-option to fill remaining vacancies on the Council
Two applications had been received to fill the vacancies and both volunteers were co-opted.
Martyn Cann was present at the meeting and duly signed his acceptance of office form.
William Whitmore was not present at the meeting and will be asked to sign his acceptance of office form at or prior to the next meeting of the Parish Council.
6.1 Chairman’s Report
• The Chairman reported that the play area fencing is deteriorating and needs repair as soon as possible. There are no other problems relating to the play area but is was noted the trees on the Green are possibly in need of attention due to their size. This matter will be a future agenda item and quotes will be sought to undertake maintenance work on the trees around the pond area on Wretton Green.
 The Chairman has been in discussion with the grounds maintenance contractor to clarify points before a new contract is signed.
6.2 Clerk’s Report
• It was noted the electric light in the recently adopted village phone box will be disconnected unless the Parish Council requests otherwise.
 The External Auditor has once again queried why the Parish Council is holding such a large amount of money in reserve. Allocation of the reserve money will be reconsidered at a future meeting.
Financial Regulations
Councillors had been presented with copies of Financial Regulations which were reviewed and deemed fit for purpose.
Cheques for approval of payment
SJ Scarrott (May/June) £112.48
K & M Lighting (x2) £33.78
HMRC PAYE £42.00
Domain name renewal £5.99
Soundwave Website Hosting £72.00
Maxey & Co £7.00
Financial position @ June 30th 2015
Community Account Balance £4321.83
Business Saver Account (1) £687.81
Business Premium Account £12283.37
Business Saver Account (2) £0.36
8.1 Play Area fencing
Quotes have been sought to replace the current fencing around the Play Area with 4ft chain link fencing but to use the present support posts which could be cut down.
Although various quotes have been received during the past six months relating to replacement of the fencing only one quote has been received for the work required.
Various options considered included railings quoted at between £220 and £270 per bay plus fitting at £37 per hour, replacement with chain link fencing £3174 or £6339.75 and post and rail style fencing quoted at £4954.65.
The most recent quote of £1700 to remove the existing wire fencing and wooden rails, cut the posts down to 4ft and supply and fit new chain link
fencing was accepted.
 Notification that the Highways rangers will be visiting the parish w/b 20/07/15
(Reports were made of overgrown hedges along Low Road).
 Norfolk Minerals Site Specific Allocations DPD – call for sites now ended.
 NCC Parish Partnership Scheme is to be available for the next financial year once again. It was suggested the Parish Council might consider entrance gates for the village as it is believed such gates may promote slower speed.
Planning applications received for consideration
No planning applications have been received. Minutes from a planning meeting held by the Parish Council on June 4th were presented. The Chairman reiterated that the meeting was held although it was somewhat academic as the application under consideration was known to be recommended for approval. The Parish Council nevertheless submitted comments concerning the design of application 15/00411/F.
It was noted the Parish Council has not received plans relating to a proposed dwelling in Wretton Fen Drove as it is believed the site is considered by the BCKLWN planning department to be located in Stoke Ferry parish.
Dog Fouling
It was reported that dog waste is a problem in the Churchyard and along Lime House Drove.
Dog bins are available located on Wretton Green and in Fen Drove.
Further Reports
• The bridleway sign at the entrance to Farhill Drove is missing.
 It was noted the old sewerage works land at All Saints Place is owned by the Borough Council and is being offered for sale.
 It was reported that Highways are looking at a Traffic Management Plan for Marham as HGV’s traveling through villages are becoming a concern in many rural locations.
 Two representatives from Wereham Village Hall Committee attended the meeting to inform those present of the plans to construct a new village hall in Wereham. Lottery funding is being applied for and stage 1 of the application process has been passed. Stage 2 of the process includes evidencing need. A letter of support for the project will be sent by Wretton Parish Council.
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