Letter to the Editor 1

Brenda and Paul take Graham Forster to task for his criticism last month of people who tow caravans!

Dear Ray,

I would agree that a very few caravan owners are unthinking selfish individuals, however this is more applicable to lorry drivers with far longer trailers driving at 40 / 45 miles an hour and in particular on the A134 from Thetford, and these are even more difficult to pass. A recent survey confirming that 75% were, either not road worthy or, over laden responsible for untold damage to our roads. In addition the pollution they cause, unlike caravans.

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Letter from the Rectory

The Reverend Judith Grundy reminds us if the real Christmas story

Dear friends,

Have you seen Shirley Bassey in Marks and Spencer’s Christmas T.V. ad.?

Steven Sharp, M & S’s Marketing Director, is reported in the November 6th Eastern Daily Press, saying, “We wanted a really glam, gorgeous feel to the T.V. ad. this year. It’s a real all-singing, all dancing ad. WITH EVERY ELEMENT OF CHRISTMAS YOU COULD POSSIBLY IMAGINE FROM PARTY DRESSES TO REINDEER TO CHAMPAGNE”.

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Joe Japan – The return – final episode

Fran continues with his diary of his visit back to Japan whewre, this time, he was treated as a hero and not a POW.

Sunday 4th June

This morning we took a taxi to Eizen-Ji Temple to meet the Buddhist monk once again. He guided us round the temple where we saw the granite shrines of the local population. A specially commissioned monument for the POWs who had died at Hakodate camp was also there with the man who designed it and raised funds for its construction. There followed a fifteen minute service with the priest chanting and striking a large brass urn giving off the sound of a deep bell that resonated around the building. A wooden carved figure was also struck; as the service progressed we in turn said silent prayers and burnt incense. The film crew was there to report the event.

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