Update on the Village Hall building programme and events for christmas

I expect you will have all seen recently the work that is going on in the old Ward’s Garage next to the Village Hall. The Village Hall Committee has now taken over the Ward’s Garage, with the kind permission of Grampian Foods, to extend the existing Village Hall. New toilets have been installed together with a disabled toilet all on ground floor level. It is hoped to eventually house a new kitchen plus bar in this building giving the original Hall much more space to use. It has taken a lot of fundraising to get to where we are now and a lot more is still needed.

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Ron’s monthly attack on all the world’s wrongs

Armed Police

I was dismayed by the reaction of many of the armed police to the suspension of two of their colleagues over the unlawful killing of a man carrying a wooden table leg. The excuse was made that these policemen have to make split second decisions and I can understand that this may be so in very many instances. A person with a replica gun in his hand might well be shot if the policeman thought it was a real gun that the individual was about to use but it is difficult to understand why a split second decision is necessary to shoot a man carrying a table leg especially so because, if I remember correctly, it was being carried in a bag. Clearly the inquest found it difficult to understand also.

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